Blood Red

In the near future, two people from different worlds must unite to save it 

An EMP attack plunges the world into chaos following a change of its axis. Now, subject to regular Meteor storms and extreme weather, electricity is rationed, and the rule of law totally collapsed.

In this new America, which is becoming increasingly separated amongst racial lines, Sloane, a mysterious gun-for-hire teams up with Helen, a woman whose son was brutally killed by the Llewelyn gang, a feared outfit who are stealing property from people's homes.

Sloane and Helen's pursuit leads them to an old coal factory, now processing a strange red stone, which they discover comes from the falling meteors. The refined liquid is then sent on by rail, deep into unexplored land.

Aided by the arrival of Rhonda, a woman armed with lethal electric weapons seeking her goods back from the Llewelyn's, the three follow the train tracks, hugging the coast, ultimately leading to a deadly gunfight with the gang.

During a tense battle, the Llewelyn's are wiped out and Helen is finally able to get closure and return home with Stanton, a former gang member, finally turning his back on a life of crime. Afterwards Sloane and Rhonda discover an mysterious empty city brimming with light, protected by an invisibility shield. Here, one man is re-starting civilisation, powered by the red stone.

In a deadly finale Sloane and Rhonda uncover the brutal truth about the future of humanity and must risk their lives one last time to prevent disaster and bring everyone together once more.

Written by Brennig Hayden

Produced by Anthony Alleyne and Alexander Bentley

Co-Produced by Irakli Chikvaidze (Sarke Studios)

Directed Anthony Alleyne

Cinematographer: Sam Parsons

Blood Red has been selected to be part of the Production Finance Market in London, October 16th -17th 2018
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