Fear The Light

Mike, a young American, arrives at an airport in Spain, looking to meet up with his best friend Casey, who went ahead. After travelling over wild terrain to a bar in an isolated village, Mike meets a mysterious, beautiful Spanish woman, Lucia.

With no sign of Casey, Mike goes back to Lucia's house on the village’s edge, where he shows the effects of sunstroke. The next day, Mike tries to leave, but Lucia convinces him to stay longer.


The next morning, Mike slips out of bed, leaving at dawn. Outside, he realises he is being followed. In blind panic, he runs, but ultimately finds himself back at the house again. 


Mike discovers the truth about Casey, and the full horror is more disturbing than he could have ever imagined.

Sunburn was chosen as part of the Breakthrough Section at the London Screenings 2018.

Written, Produced, Directed by Anthony Alleyne

Produced by Lee Cooper

Director of Photography Sam Parsons

Sunburn is represented by Moviehouse Entertainment for Worldwide Sales Starting at AFM 2018

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