Monsters under Detroit City

Variety ComiCon article - 19th July 2018

The Near Future...

Beneath Detroit, the sewers are a war zone.

Mutant creatures run wild as the sewer police try to preserve a semblance of order, keeping this from the public to avoid utter panic. But young female scientist Sandra Yeatman hasn’t bought the cover story and pulls some influential strings to get herself underground and into the face of the Lieutenant in charge, Jericho, a disgraced former cop. 

As time goes by they soon realise that the creatures can no longer be contained to the sewers, and all hell is about to break out.

Written by Anthony Alleyne and Brennig Hayden

Produced by Anthony Alleyne
Co Produced by Laurent Duvault, Kristian van der heyden, Annemiek van der Hell, 

Executive Producer Raymond van der Kaaij

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